Want to know a secret? Heather Carson hates talking about herself. She'd much rather be writing poetry or dreaming up enchanted (sometimes not so enchanted) worlds and spelling stories out into beautiful books. She loves indie publishing because she gets to craft a story from a simple idea into a completed novel she can hold in her hand. She also loves reading, cooking, baking, and most Pinterest type stuff- but not in the cliche way, in the hold my beer and watch what I can do way. Nature recharges her and she would spend all her time outdoors if it wasn't so darn cold during the winter.

This is all contingent on whatever free time that she gets though. Heather is the mother of two feral and rambunctious boys aged 4 and 1. They aren't as crazy as all that, however, they do say please sometimes. She is also the wife of a U.S. Navy IDC and currently resides in Southern Maryland thanks to the military's choice of orders. Heather is originally from the eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range of California and Nevada. She has a chocolate lab who is the best dog in the whole world and a calico cat who is kind of a brat but she loves her anyway. Her favorite foods are tacos and sneaking s'mores late at night when her children are asleep.


New Release!

The Nocere: A Haunting Dystopian Tale Book 1

When the portals were built to cross over to the spirit realm, humans flocked in droves to escape their earthy existence. Now the ghosts of what once was are all that remain for the few souls who cling to life in the abandoned world. The realm is a magical place were vices are plenty and rules are scarce.

Fawn was born an orphan and forced into years of indentured servitude within the realm. She has seen the dark side of humanity, but her job at The Nocere forces her to serve a new kind of evil. As events unfold that push her toward her destiny, she must face the demons of her past to save the ones she loves.

The Nocere, book one of A Haunting Dystopian Tale, takes readers on a harrowing journey across the planes of existence. Fantasy meets science fiction in this action packed, post apocalyptic trilogy for New Adult readers.


Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.

Sylvia Plath



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