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   Heather Carson is the mother of two rambunctious little boys and the wife of a U.S. Navy IDC. Her degree is in Early Elementary Education and she is working towards completing her second degree in English. She has the best dog in the whole world and a cat who is not so brag worthy, but she loves her anyways. 

  Currently they reside in Southern Maryland. However, Heather spent her childhood in the Eastern Sierra Mountain range of California and the rural Nevada desert. When she isn't writing down the never ending poems and stories in her head, you can find her outside enjoying the beauty of nature.


New Release!

Project Dandelion: Reentry

Praise for Project Dandelion Book 1:

“I sat and read this beautiful novel in one sitting. I am almost out of breath as I turned the last page.... Thank you for creating this wonderful world.” -Kimberly Paterson Owner Ink Spill Indie Book Shop

“An excellently written YA novel. We loved it so much that we made Heather Carson our October spotlight author!”- Balancing Books

Get to the cabin. 

The words of Katrina’s father echo in her mind. One sentence, her sole purpose. Her dad taught her to be prepared and they always had a bug out plan. If the world goes down the drain, get to the cabin...


Katrina should have been alone but she couldn’t leave her friends behind. The five teenagers escape from the fallout shelter and journey through the desert to get to the safe house in the mountains. 


Except they can’t run from Project Dandelion because they are Project Dandelion. The government’s attempt to save humanity after a global nuclear war. As the teens struggle to survive this post-apocalyptic world, Katrina learns things aren’t always what they seem and people can’t always be trusted. 


Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.

Sylvia Plath



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