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A Haunting Dystopian Tale

After scientists built portals to travel to the spirit realm, humans left the earth for a magical existence. All that remains for the few people who stayed behind is a haunting reminder of the way life used to be. But paradise isn't perfect. The realm has secrets of its own.


Fawn was born an orphan and forced into years of indentured service in the realm. She knows the dark side of humanity, but her new job at The Nocere requires her to serve a different type of evil. When world shattering events push her toward her destiny, she alone must face the monsters to save the ones she loves.


The Nocere, book one of A Haunting Dystopian Tale, takes readers on a harrowing journey through a post-apocalyptic world. Fantasy meets Science Fiction in this action packed- character driven series for Upper YA/New Adult readers.

The City on the Sea

Brooke knows the rules. Everyone in the city outside the wall does. If you never cause any trouble, you never disappear.

Even after her father's mysterious death, she's always known she'll do whatever it takes to live a good life and earn her place on the land one day.

But when the watchmen suddenly start following her every move, it doesn't matter if she's done anything wrong. Now she needs to find out why they are watching before she vanishes without a trace.


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The long awaited book four in the Project Dandelion series

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Project Dandelion Series

Sent to a fallout shelter to survive a nuclear catastrophe, a group of teenagers are the last hope for humanity. 



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